Koheilan Jellaby Strain   

In 1996 with lots of luck we had the opportunity to acquire the grey beauty Bint Galia. That time she was in foal to our stallion El Thay Thamam.

The result was a little filly named Tamria Bint Thamam, who still is a part of our group of mares. 

Bint Galia is already 31-years old but she doesn't mind about age. She is the chef on the field and is still running around like a youngster. In 2003 Bint Galia was winning the premium mare show in Grabau, while her daughter Gamila was standing next to her winning the reserve champion.

Tamria was not only a breeding mare, she was as well for many years a loyal, enjoyable partner under saddle. Over the years Bint Galia and Tamria produced with the stallions El Thay Mameluk, El Thay Thamam and Emiratus B wonderful, promising offspring. For us as a breeder it´s a joy to see the pleasure this horses bring to their new owners.


Bint Galia and Tamria are enjoying their retiring life and are the best care takers for the younger horses at our farm.






Bint Galia 

El Thay Ibn Halim Shah x Galia (El Thay Masoud) | 1990 Grey Mare


Bint Galia pictured with 25-years-old.



Tamira Bint Thamam

El Thay Thamam x Bint Galia (El Thay Ibn Halim Shah) | 1996 Grey Mare










 Al Ilaf Tifla

Emiratus B x Tamria Bint Thamam (El Tay Thamam) | 2008 Grey Mare







Abeyyah Om Jurays Strain   

In 2001 an outside mare named Moheba V gave birth to a wonderful chestnut filly by Emiratus B.

We were lucky to acquire this filly. Her name is Mashoura Bint Moheba, meanwhile a proven broodmare, VZAP premium mare and the founder of the Abeyyah Om Jurays strain in our breeding programm. With her noble expression like big black eyes, refined dry head and incredible movement she leaves a permanent impression to her audience. On top of that she is one of the kindest horses to ride.









 Mashoura Bint Moheba

Emiratus B x Moheba V (Mayroun) | 2001 Chestnut Mare

Al Ilaf Majda

Ghazal al Badia x Mashoura Bint Moheba (Emiratus B) | 2021 Grey Filly







Hadban Inzihi Strain 


"It´s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting." (Paulo Coelho)

Since we saw Tabanja al Tajara for the first time when she was just born we admired her. She is not only a special mare for us because she tracing back two times to our beloved stallion El Thay Mameluk, as well she has the most sweetest character.





  Tabanja al Tajara

Emiratus B x Taliessa al Tajara (El Thay Mameluk) | 2007 Bay Mare


  Al Ilaf Talaya

Ghazal al Badia x Tabanja al Tajara (Emiratus B) | 2021 Grey Filly






Saqlawi Jidran Strain  

In 2014 the lovely Mouna al Sham, bred by Mahmoud Anzarouti,  joined our group of mares. She truly is a moving maschine. 

We are very pleased with Mounas first foal, a lovely filly by Emiratus B.  We named her Al Ilaf Maymouna.

In 2019 Mouna blessed us again with a special filly. This time sired by Naseem Al Rashediah.



Mouna Al Sham

Warrad x Frasera Al Majda (Majd al Rayyan) | 2011 Grey Mare



Al Ilaf Maymouna

Emiratus B x Mouna al Sham (Warrad) | 2018 Grey Filly


Al Ilaf Mahira

Naseem al Rashediah x Mouna al Sham (Warrad) | 2019 Bay Filly